"First of all congratulations to Michael, Matthew, and David passing your dan grades. I was very impressed by the way you all taught and demonstrated the techniques to your students ?? Keep up the good work, martial arts needs people such as you guys to push it forward to another higher level. You should be proud of yourselves!"
Master Brian W Beck - 8th degree black belt

I have been training in Hapkido for the last 8-month and I find it the best self defence and attack style that I can find. I have done Karate, Judo and Wrestling but Hapkido is by far the most rounded style, the trainers have many years worth of experience that makes this class worth going to. All the trainers have their own style of Hapkido but the core of the style is the same, which makes Hapkido such a great and interesting fighting style. Great for self defence and a great work out all you need in one class. - Will

I took up martial arts because I wanted to learn self defence and keep fit at the same time. I enjoy attending the club because it is fun and keeps me busy, it also is something I enjoy socially. Overall I think I have benefited from the club because I now feel confident that I can defend myself in bad situations - Melissa

I picked up Hapkido a few months ago after hearing about it from friends and stayed with it since my first session. Its friendly, well instructed and fun. Its improved my fitness and physique as well as teaching me useful self defence techniques. Plus I can now attend parties as a ninja, how cool is that? - David

I started this class over a year ago to learn a method of self defence and for fitness. This class has given me what I wanted and more. I now have more confidence to deal with any situation that may arise and my fitness and health have improved noticeably. The class is for any gender, age and fitness level, the experienced tutors can help you develop no matter your ability. I find working towards my belts a challenge and I can easily see my progress in the arts improve with every level. Forget any other martial art, this is real, tough and can be applied to any situation. The techniques learnt, are those practiced by specialised armed forces and are hence proven in the field. I would recommend Hapkido to anybody as it embodies many skills from multi disciplined martial arts, so why study one when when you can learn several. Everyone in the class is friendly and I have made several good friends out of it. No matter what your ability it can be accommodating, so get yourself involved, the first lesson is free you have nothing to LOSE. - Doug

I chose this Martial Art over any other because this style has a solution to every problem you can find yourself in, as far as fighting goes. The techniques that we learn work exceedingly well, you keep yourself in shape by attending the class but most of all; everybody’s friendly to each other and the trainers help you with anything that you’re stuck on – with a positive attitude and positive advice - Luke

I started Hapkido over two years ago now and I am amazed at the results it can do to you , it has gave me confidence to defend myself in a bad situation and greatly improved my fitness and physique. The class is fun but at the same time is very effective in how it teaches , with the instructors all having some thing different to offer the class such as ninjutsu, kickboxing, judo and jeet June do it has a wide variety of techniques to offer helping the class with alternative options for what is best for you. The class has a vast amount of respect to the students and to the instructor's giving a positive feeling. I have found that Hapkido is the best offence and defensive style of fighting giving me a chance to develop long range and close range fighting techniques. I would recommend anyone to Hapkido and since the first lesson is free why not give it a go - Thomas

I have been going to this class for a few months now and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I quickly learned many different techniques of self defence and I feel in my short time I have learnt a hell of a lot. The classes are always varied, fun and entertaining. Everyone works hard to achieve their own goals, whether it is fitness, just for fun or to move up their belts. I would recommend this class to anybody with experience or no experience as it is that useful.The techniques taught can be very effective when practiced and the instructors are very patient and very good at explaining the different techniques. 5 star rating and a great class to be part of! - Ryan