Welcome to Hapkido Teesside

Come along to our Hapikdo club based at Sports Village in Middlesbrough! We have been been operating in the Teesside area for years. Although focused on the traditional values of Hapkido, we are also a freestyle martial arts club which means we are able to adapt and incorporate other fighting styles such as grappling and groundwork.

Having some sort of self defence training is more important than ever with the streets becoming more dangerous and we can even teach you how to defend yourself from a weapon attack.

On top of learning important self defense skills - other benefits you can expect are:

Our classes are open to all – men, women and children 6 years and over. We already have a good mix in the club so if you can’t bring a friend there will be plenty of people you can train with.

We train at Middlesbrough Sports Village every Tuesday: 8pm – 9:30pm and every Sunday: 10am - 12pm. Costing just £3 for children and £4 for adults. We are a non-profit organisation so every penny that comes into the club stays in the club in the form of room hire and equipment.

The techniques we teach work in the real world rather than just in a controlled tournament environment or ring.


Come down and see us - The first lesson is FREE!

About Hapkido

Flag of South Korea

HAP – means together, the harmony of body and spirit.
KI – defines the life and body energy.
DO - means way of life, way of learning.

Hapkido is a versatile Korean martial art. It is a form of self defence that incorporates the styles of both Taekwondo and Aikido along with techniques of other martial arts.

Hapkido TrainingHapkido employs both long and close range fighting techniques using kicks, punches and other striking attacks at long range and joint locks, throws and pressure points at closer distances. Very little strength is required in the techniques as the martial art utilizes good foot and body positioning to gain leverage.

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