Class Instructors


Mick Connorton

Mick ConnortonMick Is now 49 years old and has been training in martial arts since he was 17. He started off by training in Jeet Kune Do for 7 years and gained a vast amount of knowledge. For the following 7 years he concentrated on gym work to gain a higher level of cardio fitness. In 1996 Mick started training in Hapkido and worked his way up to his current grade of 4th Dan Black Belt. When he was a brown black tag grade he entered a weapons tournament in Sunderland run by Phil Thompson – a tournament he won. Mick is also a keen rower which adds to his cardio training.


Dave Dadd

Dave DaddAt 38 year old Dave has studied Hapkido for a total of 19 years and is a 3rd Dan black belt. Along with the other two instructors he has helped moved the club on to where it is now. Alongside Hapkido he has 13 years of Ninjutsu training which adds a great deal of knowledge to the class and Dave will often show alternative techniques which gives the class a lot of variety. He has spent 4 years as a Royal Marines Commando which has not only helped his mental strength but also his fitness.


Matt Fawcett

Matt FawcettMatt started training in martial arts at the age of 8. He started off with Judo where entering numerous tournaments he amassed a generous number of trophies and medals. With Judo he developed his strength and balance which sticks with him today but at 12 year old he decided he wanted to learn a martial art with more striking involved. Trying kick boxing for a while it was when he was 15 that he came across Hapkido and fell in love with the art. Now 33 year old Matt is a 4th Dan black belt.

A Message From Our instructors

At our martial arts class in Middlesbrough we have a friendly, family orientated atmosphere so everyone feels welcome and relaxed. Despite the relaxed environment there is still the discipline that comes with any martial art and we expect the right commitment and attitude from all our students. In life you get out what you put in and our club is no different and the students who train the hardest and pay the most attention are the ones who get the greatest rewards in all aspects including increased fitness, strength, skill and grading results. With this said if you just want to do a little training, increase gradually and learn some basic self defence then you are more than welcome to come down and see us.

All 3 of us (instructors) have a lot of experience and we all have something different to offer which means our students get a good well rounded knowledge. There is a lot to learn so we vary the class as much as possible to keep it interesting and we can always make time for extra individual focus.

We have a great bunch of people at the club who always make new starters feel part of the team and looking at the class I have seen many friendships grow. If you want to learn a martial art for self defence and to get fit then this class is a fantastic option… but I’m biased so I suggest you pop down and see us. You can join in straight away or simply come for a chat.