Grading Criteria

Students are able to come to class to learn and train as many times as they wish without having to wear the club Gi (training suit).

However, if you wish to be tested and go through our grading system then you will need to possess a black Gi. These are available through the club at cost price.

If you wish to go through the grading system your Gi will come with the most important belt you will ever get – a white belt. The white belt is the very beginning of your martial arts journey and without it you could never achieve black belt status. A black belt is simply a white belt that hasn’t given up!


Grade Order:

A minimum of 30 hours training is required before a student is able to be tested for each of the 8th kyu, 7th kyu, 6th kyu and 5th kyu grades. Under extreme circumstances a student may be able to be tested for two of these grades at the same time i.e 8th and 7th kyu, 7th and 6th kyu or 6th and 5th kyu. This is at the complete discretion of the instructors however...

A minimum of 60 hours training is required for 4th kyu.

A minimum of 80 hours training is required for 3rd kyu.

A minimum of 90 hours training is required for 2nd kyu.

A minimum of 1 year training is required for both 1st kyu and 1st Dan.

Allowances will of course be made for holidays and certain injuries. These are merely guidelines for the commitment required for each grade.

As a student of martial arts you cannot expect to achieve the level you want without having the dedication to do so. Therefore training for 3 weeks and then missing 5 weeks is only holding yourself back.