Club Rules

1. Arrive early and be prepared to start straight away. This way if the mats need setting out everyone can help and the lesson can commence.

2. Make sure that all of your personal belongings such as bag, shoes etc are left neatly around the side of the room.

3. Jewellery should be removed or covered to prevent injury to yourself and others.

4. Please do not make us ask for your money. If your subs are due please pay on time. Remember we are not a business, we keep the costs down as much as possible and the instructors are there simply because we love the club.

5. Only martial arts shoes or bare feet are allowed on the mats.

6. Appropriate clothing should be worn – no jeans or shirts or anything with zips or studs. The way you look isn’t important but the way you train is.

7. Any equipment should be treated with care and respect. Once you have finished using it please put it back or pass on to someone else who wishes to use it.

8. Encourage your fellow students. We strive for a friendly, family atmosphere and anything less is to ruin the experience for yourself and others.

9. No bullying – this will not be tolerated at all and also stands for any spectators too. Martial Arts are as much about respect, discipline, control and courtesy as they are about self defence and fitness. We expect students to carry the right attitude not only during lesson time but throughout their everyday lives.

10. Be responsible for your own fitness, health and safety. This is a contact sport but you will not be made to do anything you do not want to and certainly nothing that we, as instructors, would not do ourselves. Please bear in mind that the things we encourage you to do may be for your own benefit and safety.

Please Also Note

The name Hapkido Teesside shall not be brought into dispute at any time. To do so will result in refusal to train and teach. We expect that respect not only extends throughout our club but any other martial arts club in Middlesbrough or anywhere else for that matter. Every martial art has something to offer so to disrespect another club, or one of its students, is actually disrespecting us.